Crystal Heart Opal Vinyl Decal
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Crystal Heart Opal Vinyl Decal

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Here is the info for vinyl decals!

These are vinyl decals with a clear transfer tape attached so you can easily stick it to cups, cars, computers, your planner, etc! The vinyl is a high quality outdoor grade, that is listed at a 2-5 year lifespan. Please keep in mind that these are not easily removable. Once they are stuck to something, they are hard to get off and cannot be re positioned. Here is how to attach your decal:

-Clean surface well

-Use a flat item such as a credit card, to smooth out the decal before applying

-Apply it to clean surface, smoothing it out as much as you can

-Carefully peel off the transfer tape 

-If placing on a cup, handwashing is recommended, with a non citrus soap

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